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Writers’ Agreement

Crunchable is an online publication for new, original works of nonfiction.

Submitting a work for publication grants Crunchable license to publish it. By submitting, the writer also represents that the work is original, that the writer is its sole author, and that it has not been published before in any print or online publication (including the writer’s personal blog).

Crunchable may reject any submissions at its discretion.

Writers will not be paid for their submissions. As an online publication, Crunchable does not provide contributors’ copies. Should Crunchable make a profit from distributing a work online, Crunchable is not obligated to share it with the writer or to pay royalties.

By submitting a work for publication, the writer agrees that Crunchable’s staff may edit it; changes may include edits for length, clarity, grammar, and style. Any significant changes will be discussed with the writer and are subject to the writer’s approval. (If agreement over such significant changes cannot be reached before publication, Crunchable and the writer may mutually dissolve this agreement.) Changes the Crunchable staff judges to be minor, including spelling and punctuation, may be made without notification.

If a work is accepted, the writer grants Crunchable First-Time North American Publication Rights and Nonexclusive Electronic and Internet Rights to publish the work. Crunchable also retains the right to archive the work indefinitely, to promote the work electronically, and to include it in online anthologies.

The writer retains all other rights, including the work’s copyright. If the work is republished elsewhere, Crunchable requests that subsequent publications of the work indicate that it was first published on Crunchable.

If the submitted work is simultaneously accepted for publication elsewhere before its publication on Crunchable, the writer has an affirmative duty to notify Crunchable of such acceptance for publication.

By submitting a work for publication, the writer represents that it does not include any libelous or otherwise illegal statements. The writer assumes full responsibility for any statements made in the work. The writer further indemnifies against the claims of others and holds Crunchable harmless for any failure on the writer’s part to notify Crunchable of any agreement for publication of the writer’s work by others, or disposition of the rights to the work that may be held by another party.

Crunchable’s decision to post the writer’s work does not represent an endorsement of any views or opinions expressed by the writer.

Should Crunchable decide to modify the terms of this agreement, any changes will be posted on this website as soon as possible and will affect only submissions received after the changes are posted.