What is Crunchable?

Crunchable is an online literary journal operating since 2001. It is, in a tremendously small and possibly unimportant way, an effort to keep original, personal, and peculiar stories on the Web.

We publish original nonfiction — personal essays, interviews, reviews, humor, pop culture commentary, and more. We write about growing up, about family, about religion and politics, about what makes us laugh.

We’re not out to save the world, but we are out to tell you our stories — a more dangerous task than you might think. We are out to show you how we see the world.

And we mean to do it in completely ridiculous and patently majestic ways.

Want to join us? Check our submissions page regularly to see when we’re looking for more of your stories.

We also want your feedback. Please send it to eds@crunchable.net. Thanks!

Colophon and Credits

Crunchable runs on WordPress, using a custom template and additional pages designed by Michael Duck.

All articles are copyright their authors. For permission to republish them, contact eds@crunchable.net.

All graphics and issue photographs are by Michael Duck, unless otherwise noted.