An Injury-Free Fall?

… after an exceptionally painful end-of-summer.

September is in full swing, and with it comes the glorious crispy-cool weather that I’ve been craving. Sweaters! Jackets! Pumpkin coffee! At last!

Aside from my unabated adoration of autumn, I have other reasons to celebrate. August was a rough, rough month — a mish-mash of calamitous events that left me begging for September to arrive. Following my run-ins with hammocks and dogs, I managed to get a paper cut on my wrist and smash the nails on both of big toes (one of which resulted in a bloody mess at work). I also managed to put my hand through a beater while making a cake.

It’s basic Kitchen 101: You unplug your appliances when you’re done with them. I know this. I usually do this. Except, apparently, in August. I was happily baking a layer cake for my husband’s and sister’s joint birthday party, and it was coming together beautifully. So eager was I to lick the frosting-coated beaters on my hand mixer that I didn’t bother unplugging the stupid thing. In my gusto, I managed to turn it on full speed while one of the beaters was in my hand. Needless to say, there was pain and much freaking out before I managed to shut it off.

Even on the final day of the month, I was not spared the bizarre kick-in-the-pants that my life had become.

I decided to do some yardwork and injured my other hand when I unwittingly happened upon an underground yellow jacket nest. One nasty bug went for the back of my hand and got stuck in the fabric of my pink gardening glove, which meant that it continued to sting me in the same place repeatedly while my dog and I fled the premises.

We’re now about two-thirds through September, and so far it has been much better for me. I’m looking forward to completing an injury-free month.

Knock on wood.

Article © 2009 by Molly E. Weeks