Victory Garden

Turning a black thumb green.

Due to my dodgy history with maintaining plant life, I was nervous about beginning a garden, but I finally took the leap and started one up in June.

It’s now mid-July — and so far, so good.

My garden is small and unimpressive and probably has too many weeds in it to be considered pretty or well-maintained, but it is fruitful. Nothing has died (yet), and I am delighted to report that my herbs are big and tall, my zucchini is busily growing its rocket-shaped fruit, and my jalapeño plants have grown heavy with green peppers.

The first time I plucked the huge jalapeños from their plant, I ecstatically washed and chopped them up to accompany dinner, along with some of the pretty cilantro that grew next to them in the garden. Combined with chicken and cheese and sauce and grilled between tortillas, I concocted perhaps the best quesadillas I have ever made — fresh and gooey and spicy and delicious.

They tasted like victory.

Article © 2009 by Molly E. Weeks