Live from Mike’s Lunch

Mealcasting on the World Wide Web

As the tangy scent from my tray of General Tso’s chicken wafted across the office, Harry couldn’t resist stopping by my desk.

“I’m telling you, we need to put this on a blog,” he insisted — repeating a statement he’d made on at least five or six other occasions.

Whether I’m having a loaded cheesesteak from the Italian place around the corner, last night’s leftover teriyaki pork over coconut rice or simply an egg salad sandwich with leaf lettuce on homemade whole wheat bread, Harry is often convinced I have the most intriguing lunch in the office. Coming from a guy who regularly drives all the way to Brooklyn to get special kosher baked goods, this is no small praise.

So Harry’s proposal is that he — a professional news photographer — would snap a photo of my lunch each day, and I — a professional writer, of sorts — would compose a description, and we’ll publish it somewhere on the World Wide Web. And he’s convinced loads of people will want to see it.

I suppose it’s narcissistic to want to believe him, but I have to agree that plenty of other silly stuff really does attract a lot of people. Actually, this sort of thing would be just about perfect for Twitter: Each post would include a quickie description of my daily mouth-watering meal, plus a link to a photo.

But the easy way to make all this happen — using my cell phone to take the picture and upload it to the Twitter-compatible Twitpic Web site — would tax the limits of my marginally-current cell phone’s technology and would also cost me some serious money (over time) under my current service contract. And in the alternative, I fear it would take hours every day to get Harry to shoot professional photos of my food and then get them posted online.

I guess the main roadblock, though, is the simplest: Would anybody out there really give a flying fig about what I’m eating?

Harry and I can’t be the first ones to have thought of this. If any of you readers know of a blog or Twitter feed that does this already, please post a link in the comments section!

Article © 2009 by Michael Duck