Pug Love

Getting a new dog.

Ever since my childhood obsession with the movie “The Adventures of Milo and Otis,” I have been a lover of pugs. They have the carefree personality of a big dog trapped inside a small dog body, complete with wrinkles, squashy faces, and oh-so-adorable curly tails. What’s not to love?

Lucky for me, Hubby and I are going to be the proud owners of one in less than a week.

A while ago, we had decided to get a dog as soon as we had our own home, a big fenced-in yard, and warmer weather. Check, check, and check.

We had done a lot of research into different breeds, but we quickly settled on pugs and began looking around for breeders in the area. After several phone calls through the pug breeder grapevine, we were given a tip about a dog in South Carolina who needed a home. An 18 month old, the little guy comes from a reputable breeder and had been kept as a potential show dog. Thing is, he never grew big enough to qualify for the breed standards. So, too small to show and thus too small to help make other puglets, he was stuck.

And then we stepped in — excited to find a purebred, healthy pug who was not a puppy. (Puppies are cute and all, but I prefer calmer older dogs any day). Better yet, one of the local contacts that we made volunteered to pick him up for us since she is going down there anyway.

Everything magically fell into place, and the paperwork and money is all signed, sealed, and delivered. We have already bought the little guy more stuff than any dog probably ever needs, but I couldn’t resist the bed and the tug ropes and the sock monkey and bunny and frog for him to cuddle. Or the red leather spiked collar, which I’ll continue to show off proudly until I have the pup himself.

Welcome home, Oscar — we love you to pieces already.


Article © 2009 by Molly E. Weeks