Thundercats, Ho!

“Sword of Omens, give me 80s cartoon nostalgia!”

The theme for “Thundercats” has been stuck in my head for days.

A cartoon show from the 80s and early 90s, “Thundercats” was a big part of my kindergarten existence. I would race religiously across the street to watch each episode with my neighbors, and afterwards I could be found reenacting and inventing our own adventures with my best friend Ryan Bailey. He was always Lion-O, the leader of the heroic anthropomorphized cats, and I would be dopey little sidekick WilyKat.

Recently, Hubby told me to close my eyes because he had a surprise for me. When I opened them again, it was to the thrumming theme song of my childhood bliss. He had found a ton of episodes hidden away in our OnDemand features.

The show hasn’t held up very well over time, unlike the beloved Disney cartoons of the same time period (Oh, “Tale Spin,” how I still pine for thee). The situations are ridiculous, the dialogue hackneyed, and the voice acting stilted and laughably overdramatic. Frankly, I’m not sure what I saw in it.

Still, I can’t help dropping everything when Hubby asks me if I’m ready to OnDemand another episode. For 22 minutes, I’m five years old again, tromping through the backyard with Ryan Bailey and proudly brandishing our yellow wiffle-bat Sword of Omens, beseeching it to give us “sight beyond sight” and vanquishing the many mutant foes who apparently roamed my swing set.

Article © 2009 by Molly E. Weeks