Finish Line

Can we just elect somebody already?

We’re at T-minus-one and counting. One day left of television attack ads and mail blitzes by the Republican National Committee, reminding me that Obama is a (gasp!) socialist.

Just one day left of glossy door hangers reminding Democrats that we have a right to vote, even if we have unpaid bills or taxes, or if we wear buttons or shirts promoting our chosen candidate. The Democratic National Committee does not want us being turned away at the polls.

One more day … and I am so ready for this whole thing to be over.

This is the first presidential election in which I have really invested myself. I’ve spent a fair amount of time scouring newspapers, blogs and political sites to keep up with the latest election news. I’ve watched the candidates sling mud at each other, I’ve watched them say really stupid things, I’ve watched them make fun of themselves.

Now I’m ready to watch one of them be president.

I’ve already decided to cast my vote for Obama, but here’s the thing: Provided that both men remain alive for the duration of the presidency (which could be a challenge for either of them) I think we’ll do okay with either choice. I don’t believe that the result of this election will be the beginning of Armageddon.

Unless, of course, McCain is elected and then dies of a heart attack from the shock, and we end up with President Palin. Then we’ll probably be nuked to hell. But what can you do?

Right. I’m just glad it will be over so I can concentrate on something more important — like that new “Twilight” movie about a hunky teenage vampire.

Article © 2008 by Stacey Duck