I Approve This Message

But I hate those stupid political ads.

“I can’t wait for this election to be over so your father will stop yelling at the TV,” my mom lamented during my visit the other night.

My family is sick and tired of political ads, to the point that my dad finally had to start keeping the remote handy so he could quickly thumb the mute button and silence the bleak gloom-and-doom finger-pointing that both parties have been endorsing lately.

Even though I feel like this particular presidential race has been a pretty civil one, I still find the political ads to be obnoxious and mean-spirited, and they make me dread watching television in the evenings. I’m not surprised at all that Dad yells at them; I have the same impulse. I also have yet to meet a person who really takes the ads to heart and makes their voting decision based upon them. So why spend millions of dollars on nasty advertisements when viewers are just muting them or yelling at them?

This shirt design from Threadless.com sums it up better than I can:


Article © 2008 by Molly E. Weeks