Get “Lost”

Killing time until we can get back to The Island.

Back on May 29, the Season 4 finale of “Lost” had me glued to my television. It was two of the most gripping hours of television I’ve ever witnessed — it left me salivating like a dog, eager for the next batch of new episodes. Fortunately, Season 5 begins in … February?!

That’s insane! We are living in the most instant-gratification country in the most instant-gratification time known to man, and ABC expects me to wait nine months for a TV show?

Of course, I don’t have much of a choice in the matter. So what’s a “Lost” junkie to do to pass the time?

First, I borrowed the Season 1 DVD set from my friend Tess. I hadn’t gotten hooked on the series until the second season, so the discs helped fill in some gaps. Watching them in this order also gave me some perspective on those early episodes and the mysteries and questions they posed, even though I’d long since learned the answers.

When I discovered that my new roommate, a “Lost” fan herself, had lost track of the show halfway through Season 4, I watched streaming online videos of the new episodes with her. Even though I’d just seen them myself a few months earlier, I got a vicarious thrill just from observing her reactions to the twists and turns.

I also tried getting my fix by tracking down the “Lost” board game, manufactured a few years ago. I’m always looking for fun new board games, though games based on popular entities like TV shows and movies generally suck. So I minimized my risk by using an gift certificate … and then muddled through one abortive attempt to decipher a rule set that was more labyrinthine and arbitrary than the most poorly received episodes of the show itself. The game is now collecting dust in my closet, another lesson learned. At least I’ve resisted the temptation to waste my money on the “Lost” video game.

I’ve had more fun losing hours at a time to the black hole known as Lostpedia. As the name suggests, it’s a wiki covering all facets of the show: episode recaps, cast and crew profiles, character summaries, podcast transcripts from the show’s creators, anything you can imagine. I’ll start reading one article, then follow a hyperlink to the next, and on and on. Sometimes I’ll click “random page” from the menu, and read whatever pops up. It’s kind of like a really sad scavenger hunt.

Anyway, if you’re also a hopeless “Lost” fanatic, I hope reading this has helped kill a few of those interminable minutes until the late-winter premiere. After all, we’ve made it through three months, so there’s … SIX to go? Oh, man. I’m going to go check Jorge Garcia’s blog for updates.

Article © 2008 by Kevin Brotzman