Something Blue

The perfect last-minute wedding addition.

Something old
Something new
Something borrowed
Something blue

That little ditty was striking anxiety into my heart on the morning of my wedding. While I’m not ordinarily a superstitious person, I’m also not one to needlessly test fate. I wanted to be sure that the day went perfectly, and if incorporating a few odds and ends into my wardrobe would help, I was all for it.

Already, I had my somethings old, new, and borrowed: A pearl necklace, my wedding dress, and a ring lent to me by my Grammy. Blue, however, I was lacking until the very last minute.

That’s when my mother came to the rescue.

“Wait right there,” she said as I sat down to breakfast.

When she came back into the kitchen, she was holding what at first appeared to be a heap of rags. On second glance, I realized that it was none other than Gaga, my beloved childhood blanket.

As a little sprout, I toted Gaga around after me — using it as a cape for stuffed animals, incorporating it into my games, coiling what I called its “best corner” around my thumb and sucking on it. Wherever I went, Gaga went too. And here it was, disheveled and fuzzy and torn away from its pink lining.

“I always said you’d have this thing at your wedding,” Mom said.

With a pair of scissors, she snipped off one tiny, tattered blue corner and tucked it into my shoe. There it was: My something blue.

I was ready.

The happy couple

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Article © 2008 by Molly E. Weeks