The Haunted Song
Editors’ Note


This month marks the debut of something completely new for Crunchable: A multi-part work entitled “The Haunted Song” by contributing writer Dennis Wilson. This essay of more than 13,000 words chronicles his relationship with young rappers building a new hip hop culture in Mozambique, where Dennis was working as a secondary school teacher and a Peace Corps volunteer.

We’ll be serializing Dennis’s essay over the next several months; look for each installment in the second half of each month’s issue. And because this is an unusual work for Crunchable, we’ve devised a few new conventions to make the reading easier:

  • Many of the foreign words or uncommon terms will be cataloged in a mini glossary for each episode (just like we did with Dennis’s essay last month, “Green Mangos with Salt”). Though the words’ basic meanings are fairly clear in context, the glossary links will give you a bit more detail, including literal translations and brief cultural explanations. Glossary links will have a dotted underline and will open a new window, so you won’t lose your place in the story.
  • Later installments of “The Haunted Song” will refer back to people and places introduced earlier in the work. To help jog your memory when these references come up, we’ll include internal links — each with a dashed underline — that will take you back to the earlier introductions. These will also open in a new window.

As always, we’re eager to hear what you think. Please feel free to send us a note at Thanks!

Article © 2008 by Michael Duck