Missing Out on Movies

I resolve to spend more time with my DVD player.

Last week in this space, Steve Spotswood declared that New Year’s resolutions are “arbitrary.” Be that as it may, I would like to make my own somewhat superficial resolution.

See, I’m cinematically deficient. I want to change that.

You name it, I haven’t seen it. I’m used to the looks of disgust and the sad head shakes from my friends. The Star Wars saga? Nope. “Field of Dreams” or “Bull Durham”? Not a chance. “Dead Poets Society”? Forget about it. “E.T.”? Never.

It’s not that I was a sheltered child; I’ve seen plenty of movies in my life. I just never got around to a lot of the movies that have defined my generation. I’m even worse with contemporary movies. Between my thrifty nature and my laziness, I don’t get to theaters very often.

So I solemnly resolve to see more movies this year. After all, what self-improvement plan could be better than spending more time sitting still and staring at a screen?

Article © 2008 by Kevin Brotzman