Wade in the Water

I can’t unclog my shower drain.

Every day, while I take a shower, my feet take a bath.

The drain in our shower hasn’t been draining correctly for nearly a year now. On some rare days, it works just fine. But most of the time, it drains the tub veeeeeeery slowly — so slowly that the stopper might as well be in. While it’s fairly gross just imagining my feet swishing around in an ankle-deep pool of the sweat, dead skin cells and other gunk I’ve just showered off my body, it’s even more stomach-turning (and guilt-inducing) to turn around and bathe my kids in the same tub.

I’ve tried taking the drain apart. (Hey, it looked pretty easy on “This Old House.”) My wife’s dad and I have tried fishing around in the pipes with a plumbing implement. We’ve even called an actual plumber. Still not draining right.

The next, most logical step was to start using a drain catcher, so that our hair is no longer sloshing down the pipe and making the backup worse. But that causes its own kind of grossness — especially now that my wife has started a shower scrub with “micro-beads” that look like fish eggs caught in the drain.

Now we’ve resorted to Dräno, which at least is cheap, even if it makes me feel guilty about ruining the environment and maybe even damaging my plumbing. We’re now on our third bottle, and the drain’s still not right.

So I’m just about out of ideas. Maybe I’ll find something else in Dräno’s product lineup that will finally fix things.

Or maybe I’ll just give up and wear platform shoes in the shower.

Article © 2007 by Michael Duck