Context is Everything

e-conversation in short, literary bursts.

(The following discussion lasted one minute and 49 seconds)

“I want you to read something and tell me what you think it means,” I told my wife Stacey, sitting her down in front of the computer. I showed her this essay by Chris Klimas, my former college roommate and Crunchable honcho.

The 189-word essay on his new-ish Web site was in response to a Snackable piece I posted last week, which in turn was a response to the whole concept of Chris’s essay begins: “On a first date a couple months ago, this girl said: ‘You’re so in your head.’ ” It ends: “So do you like it? I do.” In between: “I think too much. [...] So this is practice not only in writing quickly and impulsively but also short circuiting my own mind.” (The essay defies any attempt to excerpt it, so just go read it already.)

Stacey finished reading. “Huh?” she said.

I laughed. “That was kind of my response, too.”

We puzzled a bit more together. “I think he’s feeling sort of vindicated,” I said, “because my writing process for that Snackable piece was exactly what he was trying to do with the site — what he was forcing himself to do.”

I added: “He’s commiserating in his own strange, Chris Klimas-y way.”

“Or maybe he’s telling you you’re in your head,” Stacey said. “Which would be … accurate.”

“Hm,” I answered.

Article © 2007 by Michael Duck