Why Crunchable hasn’t been updating

And when it’s going to start up again.

If you read Crunchable, you’ve certainly noticed by now that we’ve posted just one new story since December, and you may also be wondering what the heck happened. Well, Crunchable has gone on (temporary!) hiatus while I’m busy setting up Webfoot Digital, my new website design and development business.

Leaving my career as a journalist and striking out on my own has been a little terrifying but also tremendously exciting. In fact, it’s the next step along a path I’ve been following since Crunchable founder Chris Klimas let me take over this site back at the end of 2005, which is how I built up the Web development skills I now use in my business.

As for Crunchable itself, I won’t be able to give the site the attention it deserves for a while. But I hope to start posting new stories here this summer, starting with new Snackables and then continuing with new issues.

Until then, follow Crunchable on Twitter or Facebook to see the links I’ll continue to post regularly to stories from our voluminous archives dating back to 2001. And keep watching this space for updates about when we’ll be back online — and when to start submitting your work for us to consider for publication!

In the meantime please keep reading, keep writing, and we’ll have more for you soon.

Article © 2014 by Michael Duck