Crunchable’s New Issue

The place to pause after a long journey.

Homeward” is Crunchable’s final issue of 2013. Astute readers may have noticed the issue themes have been suggesting a narrative all year: “Onward,” then “Upstream,” “Far and Away,” “Meandering,” “Widdershins,” and finally “Homeward.” Thank you to all the readers who have been with us along the journey!

The essays in this issue all explore what it means to be home. Home is where you can be true to your own path; it’s where you can know you are safe and secure (well, most of the time); it’s where you’re surrounded the people who matter most to you — even if they’re certifiably insane.

In this holiday season, I offer my thanks to regular Crunchable author Marshall J. Pierce as well as new contributors Laura Johnson, Catherine Bowen Emanuel, and Peter D. Schaller. Thanks also to contributing editor Annie Woodall, for helping me review the many submissions for this issue!

Now that Crunchable is headed Homeward again, it’s a fitting time for the website to take a bit of a rest. This will be the last issue we publish for a while, and there are some significant changes coming to how Crunchable organizes itself in 2014. I’ll have lots more details about those changes in a few weeks.

In the meantime please keep reading, keep writing, and we’ll have more for you soon.

Article © 2013 by Michael Duck