Crunchable’s New Issue

Sometimes, backwards is better.

“Widdershins” has become one of my favorite words, ever since Annie Woodall (one of Crunchable’s contributing editors) suggested it as part of this year’s sequence of issue themes. It’s a nearly perfect word; with its obscurity and deliciously odd sound, merely saying it out loud makes me feel like I’m using language itself in a backwards or counterclockwise or unconventional way.

One of the stories in this issue features the word’s literal meaning, and all of them describe approaches that initially seem backwards — whether it’s driving into oncoming motorbike traffic, revealing too much on a first date, responding exactly the wrong way to sibling rivalry, or reversing course on a lifelong approach to parenting. There’s even a heart that refuses to beat in the usual way.

This issue marks the Crunchable debut of authors Sue Granzella, Don Adams, Dorothy Van Soest, and Ben Shaberman; it also features new turns by recent contributors Andrea Della Monica and Marshall Pierce. I thank them all for their patience, good humor, and cooperation! And thanks again to Annie, for enriching this issue as well as my vocabulary!

We’ll be back soon with “Homeward,” our final issue of 2013 — which will be followed by news about some important changes for Crunchable in the new year. So please keep reading, keep writing, and we’ll have more for you soon.

Article © 2013 by Michael Duck