Crunchable’s New Issue

Twists and turns, fits and starts.

Life rarely moves in a straight line.

That’s a truth that winds its way through all of the stories in Crunchable’s new issue, “Meandering.” In some cases, the writers found themselves on a physical journey — through France, across Canada and Europe, or in Monument Valley — while wandering towards a new understanding of themselves and their loved ones. In other stories, the writers explore the tortuous path of a single mom earning her associate degree, the convoluted history of the common pigeon, and the mind-bending intersection of cultures, faiths, eternity, and (of course) bowling.

This issue features all new Crunchable writers: Amanda Leduc, Melissa Wiley, Tina Perkins, Jesse Duthrie, Caitlin Sinead Jennings, and Liz Abdnour. I thank them all for their patience, cooperation, and understanding as we put this issue together! As always, I also am grateful to assistant editors Annie Woodall and Melissa Reddish for their creativity, enthusiasm, and sage counsel.

We will be back very soon with a call for submissions for our next issue, “Widdershins.” So please keep reading, keep writing, and we’ll have more for you soon.

Article © 2013 by Michael Duck