Constant Comment

What you’re saying on Crunchable.

Some of you have a lot to say about what goes on here.

I wasn’t convinced of that, at first. Sure, our survey a year ago showed that most of you wanted to post comments on the articles here. But for a long time, very few of you took us up on it. There are now more than 360 articles on Crunchable, and a total of only 140 comments (unless you count the tens of thousands of ads for Hoodia and enhancement pills).

And then, within the past few months, our comments sections came alive. I learned that I’m not the only one who loves the Muppets-with-John-Denver Christmas album. I learned that a surprising number of you want to talk about sea glass. And I learned that the nephew of a guy I publicly mocked last month is surprisingly good-natured.

Our latest issue is setting a new Crunchable record for its number of comments, including discussions about peacocks in Maryland and whether cake is better than pie. Dennis Wilson’s article “The Lives We’re Used To” has prompted a lengthy debate with a user named Chris about the situation in Darfur. (One comment written by Dennis is more than twice the length of his published article.)

So keep the comments coming, folks. We’re always glad to read them.

Article © 2007 by Michael Duck