CrunchCasting, Part 2

Is this thing on? Hello?

Mike: So, yeah, the response to my last piece about podcasting has been, um, shall we say, underwhelming … I was thinking maybe we’d get more of a response if, y’know, you explained a little bit more — sort of, your brainstorm and what you had in mind.

J-Tron: (takes deep breath) Okay …

Mike: And, y’know, be funny.

J-Tron: (laughs) Maybe if we explain [podcasting] incorrectly, but in fact talked about things that people would like to comment on. Like, for instance, beer and hookers …

Mike: So, if we tell everybody it’s about beer and hookers — or about the Oscars!

J-Tron: (agreeing) Or about the Oscars, and about Joan Rivers asking people if their parents are still alive.

Mike: What about Joan Rivers asking people about beer and hookers at the Oscars? …

J-Tron: Do we need to explain what a podcast is?

Mike: I think we’ve taken care of that, but if you have another explanation you want to put out there, go right ahead.

J-Tron: Okay. Well, so, the podcast is just a regular audio companion to just about anything [on the Web]. But we could do it in a number of different ways on Crunchable. We could have people reading things that they’ve written, but I think it would be more interesting to have some sort of conversations and things like that.

Mike: Sort of like what we’re having now.

J-Tron: Yes. Here’s the problem, though, with what we’re doing right now: We’re trying to convince people of how great a podcast would be by showing them text. In other words, this is sort of like trying to convince people how great television is by sending them a telegram about it. You know what I mean?

Like, a commercial for a television show would make more sense on TV than it would, say, tattooed on somebody’s left thigh …

Mike: (when he finally stops laughing) So, you’re saying that we really should be posting this as an audio file on Crunchable.

J-Tron: Well, you know, the timing thing and the context thing get lost … When you get back down to just text, you’re losing so much …

Mike: So, ah, how do we get people excited about this?

J-Tron: I think we get people excited about this by individually going to each of their houses. And telling them about it.

(awkward pause)

J-Tron: One by one.

(awkward pause continues)

Mike: So, what are you doing next weekend?

J-Tron: (laughs) I’m apparently riding around in a small van with you, knocking on people’s doors and telling them about the excitement of podcasting on Crunchable …

Mike: (laughs)

J-Tron: You know, I think we just need to make a podcast and put it out there. And if people listen to it, great. And if they don’t, we’ll continue to make it, and force them to download it by some sort of strange computer chip process.

Mike: (laughing) All right. That sounds like a plan …

J-Tron: You need to say something amusing before this concludes.

Mike: Um — I thought that was your department.

J-Tron: No! This is a group effort. You’re not my straight man …

Mike: I, ah, um — I was setting up a few of your jokes. That wasn’t enough?

J-Tron: Uh, no. Say something amusing. Right now. Do it! DO IT!

(long pause)


(both crack up)

Mike: See, that made you laugh!

J-Tron: We’re going to be in so much trouble …

Article © 2007 by Michael Duck