Far and Away:
Crunchable’s New Issue

Distance, absence, discovery.

To be far and away is to be journeying a long way from where you have been, from what is comfortable and familiar. Or perhaps someone or something dear to us is the one who has left us behind. (It’s a fascinating quirk of our language that a phrase that’s so evocative of absence has also developed into an intensifier for superlatives: “She is far and away the greatest writer I have known.”)

For some of the writers in this issue, “far and away” is a literal journey, to a strange city or to another country. Others describe a personal journey, where parts of oneself are what get left behind. Some explore the pain of being one of the ones who is left, either by a pet or a beloved friend. Some describe metaphorical journeys that are much more fleeting — being transported out of a mundane existence in a supermarket baking department, or being transported out of one’s mind while hurtling down a mountainside at 80 m.p.h.

Like we did in our massive March/April issue, this time we’re again welcoming seven new Crunchable writers: Kim Peter Kovac, Bryce Journey, Phillip Russell, Diane Payne, Julia Rubin, and Darlene P. Campos. I thank them deeply for their patience and willingness to work with me through the editing process! Thanks also to returning writer Rachel Wimer, and of course to assistant editors Annie Woodall and Melissa Reddish.

We will be back very soon with a call for submissions for our next issue, “Meandering.” So please keep reading, keep writing, and we’ll have more for you soon.

Article © 2013 by Michael Duck