When Crunchable Started Out Five Years Ago

Stability, chaos, and what the hell we were thinking.

This is the first of four Snackable essays coinciding with Crunchable’s fifth anniversary.

When Crunchable started out five years ago, the world was a pretty messed up place. There were, of course, the global events that gave this century a pretty lousy start, but there was also plenty of personal instability for everyone around me. Graduation, careers, relationships; nothing seemed like it was going to be easy anymore.

Crunchable, though, gave us something we could wrap our heads around. Crunchable gave us an outlet to sort out the craziness floating around in the world, and maybe even find out that other people out there felt the same way. In writing there was simplicity, there was calm.

In the past five years, I’ve seen those around me grow and change; I’ve seen myself do the same. Some have gotten married, some have broken up, some have found their purpose, and others are still looking. Some have just up and disappeared into the wilds of Africa. The world is still a pretty messed up place, too. Old wars are still raging, and new ones have been added to the pile.

Yet, through all of it, Crunchable is still here — a little anchor of calm in a world that doesn’t seem to understand that concept. And as long as there are still stories being told, the world won’t seem as bad a place as it could.

Article © 2006 by Joel Haddock