Crunchable is Transforming

In more ways than one. And there’s a new blog!

Crunchable’s hiatus is still continuing, and I’m sad to report that it won’t be ending in July as planned (some other stuff has come up). I now hope to have things back up and running around here by the time fall starts. In the meantime, though, there’s still some cool stuff going on over here.

I’ve started a project to redesign the site, and to do it in a way that’ll make it look just as nice and pretty on your smartphone or iPad as it does on your desktop or laptop. It’s called “responsive design,” and it’s just one of the changes I’m working on.

And I’ll be writing as I go! You can follow along at my new Tumblr blog, Crunchable: Project Bloo. I’ll also be posting periodic updates on Crunchable’s Facebook and Twitter streams. It’ll also become part of the, so if you’re already following that, you’ll get all the updates automatically.

Have ideas for the redesign? Want to make sure you’re involved when Crunchable relaunches? Have an essay sitting around you want to submit in advance? Shoot me a note or leave a comment here.

Article © 2012 by Michael Duck