Remembering the Crunchable Live Reading

A look back, some thank-yous, and where we go from here.

In these final moments of 2011, it’s time for me to turn down the lights here on Crunchable for a bit. There were a lot of stellar moments for the site this year, but things have also been frustratingly erratic. So it’s time for us to do some reorganization — and, if all goes well, for me to embark on a somewhat ambitious writing project. When that all comes together, you’ll hear about it here.

But before we go, I wanted to linger a bit more on one of the best moments for Crunchable all year — in fact, one of the best moments in the site’s whole history: The first-ever Crunchable live reading last month in Chestertown, Md. The event was tons of fun, and I’m hugely grateful to everyone who helped make it happen. A partial list of those who deserve my thanks: Tom Martin of the Bookplate bookstore and rare bookseller, who generously provided a venue where we could do the reading and who would love for me to remind you that he ships worldwide (also check him out on Facebook!); Katie Manion and everyone from the Washington College Writers’ Union, who infused the event with their great ideas as well as their energy, while also bringing out a whole bunch of people from campus; Melissa (Pasterkiewicz) Reddish, who lent her considerable expertise in setting up readings like this, and without whom this event wouldn’t have run nearly as smoothly; Heather Blain, who graciously agreed to coordinate the refreshments; Annie Woodall, who was a tremendously useful on-the-ground operative in Chestertown; and Molly (Weeks) Crumbley, who with her husband took these great photos of the reading and posted them all on Facebook with annotated captions and everything.

The folks shown in these photos include everyone who read, namely: me, Crunchable founder Chris Klimas and Crunchable contributors Melissa (Pasterkiewicz) Reddish, Heather Blain, Annie Woodall, Molly (Weeks) Crumbley, Chris Herrmann, Mike Meagher, and Kevin Brotzman, as well as Writers Union members Katie Manion (club spokesperson), Will Malkus, and Sydney Sznajder. Hover your mouse pointer over any of these images for caption information; click to see a larger version.


Article © 2011 by Michael Duck