Crunchable is Turning 10

Also, it’s going to go on sabbatical.

Those of you who had been in the habit of reading Crunchable regularly have likely noticed that there’s been nothing regular about Crunchable this year. Sorry about that. I’d like to blame my ongoing bathroom renovations (which, remarkably, still aren’t done yet), but really, it’s just me.

But with some help from Guest Editor J-Tron, plus Upcoming Guest Editor Melissa Pasterkiewicz and others, we’re pulling the site back together just in time for a big milestone: Next month, Crunchable turns 10 years old — which is the equivalent of approximately 1,024 Internet years.

We’re going to celebrate by returning to where this all started — little Chestertown, Md., the home of Washington College and where most of us Crunchable writers met each other — for the first-ever Crunchable Reading. Look for a date announcement in the next week. We’re also putting together a special anniversary issue with the theme “Decade”; contact us now if you’d like to contribute.

And then, after that, we’re going offline for a while. For at least half a year, I’m going to re-think how this site operates, what I should do differently and what help I’d need to run the site better. Then we’ll see what happens — or doesn’t.

In the meantime, we’re coming up on a decade’s worth of stories to celebrate. Stay tuned.

Article © 2011 by Michael Duck