Mike Renovates his Bathroom: Fear, Loathing, and
Puke-Green Tile

A project like this demands money, dedication, and apparently YouTube.

Photo of bathroomIn my house, there are three classifications for home improvement projects: Short-Term, Long-Term, and Oh-Lordy-Please-No.

Our bathroom has always fallen into that final category. A wiser man than I might have left that dreaded project right there, and gone instead with my wife’s plan of buying a big-screen TV for our family room. Instead, I find myself embarking on a multi-week endeavor that will result in spending thousands of dollars, tearing into several walls, a little minor electrocution and probably some crying into my spackling tray.

We’ve had ample reasons for fixing this room, and for many years. There’s the toilet, which has never worked quite right from the day we bought the house. There’s the avocado/baby-puke-green tile, which probably was quite fashionable half a century ago when some earlier home-improver thoughtfully applied it around the entire friggin’ room. But mostly there were the shower walls, which consisted of tile on century-old plaster and which had started threatening to crumble into the bathtub at any moment.

This weekend marked the beginning of the project. And as I pulled out my camera to snap a few quick “before” pictures, on a whim I switched over to video mode and decided to make this project the basis of my first-ever video log. Because, hey, everybody needs hobbies, right?

In addition to learning the ways of the YouTuber, I’ll also be spending the next few weeks learning what our walls are made of (Plaster? Drywall? Fairy Dust?), how electrical codes apply to sink and tub areas, how to drill through the brick exterior of our house to install a vent fan, how to lay floor tile, and how to write a check to a plumber who actually has some idea what he’s doing.

I’m kind of terrified about all this. A little excited too, but mostly terrified. We’ll see how this goes.

Article © 2011 by Michael Duck