Crunchable’s on Summer Break

We’ll be back in a month.

In what’s turning out to be a rather hectic summer, all of Crunchable’s editors have either been on trips, out of the country, or involved in other major projects (including putting on a well-received original play by former Crunchable contributing editor Steve Spotswood at the Capital Fringe Festival, starring our own Kevin Brotzman, Mike Meagher, and Molly E. Weeks!)

So, in lieu of an August issue, we’re taking a little time off — and also taking this chance to rethink how we do things around here at Crunchable. We’ll be back in September with a new issue, “The Breakfast Club,” and maybe a few changes.

In the meantime, keep up with the latest postings by all our friends and associates in The!

Article © 2010 by Michael Duck