What’s up with Crunchable?

We’ve come back with a bunch of new features for you to try out.

We’ve come back with a bunch of new features for you to try out. Almost all of them now live in the sidebar that appears on the right-hand side of each page.

* **Comments**
You can now leave public comments on stories we publish. There’s no registration required,  although we do ask that you give your email address. It isn’t displayed publicly, so you don’t need to worry about spam. It’s just there to ensure a little bit of accountability.

* **Snackable**
We’ve got a whole new section of short-short essays that are published irregularly, but hopefully more often than our regular pieces. Check ‘em out on the right-hand side of the [front page](/). Soon we’ll open up Snackable to outside submissions.

The best way to keep up with Snackable is by subscribing to our [RSS feed](/rss.php). Don’t have a reader? Try one of [these recommendations][recommended].

* **Bumper Stickers**
Remember back when we sold T-shirts? They were kind of expensive, weren’t they? We’re now selling [cheaper junk][cafepress] — the first item on the block is a bumper sticker you can slap on your guitar case (if you are a hipster), your skateboard (if you are 13 years old), or your laptop (if you are a complete nerd). We’ll soon be offering cheap T-shirts (if you are topless).

What do you think of all this? We’re still figuring things out. Leave a comment on this entry or [drop us an email][chump].

[recommended]: http://blogspace.com/rss/readers
[cafepress]: http://www.cafepress.com/crunchable/
[chump]: mailto:chump@crunchable.net

Article © 2005 by Chris Klimas