Green Clean

Save the planet, cut your cleaning time, and embrace the dust.

My home is greener than it has ever been. To the uneducated eye, it might also seem dirtier than it’s ever been — but to say that would be to negate all the hard work I’ve been doing in making my housekeeping more ecologically-friendly.

I discovered this revolutionary cleaning system around Earth Day. I was glancing in despair at my dust-covered piano, wondering if I should just give up and get the Pledge. But then I realized that, really, the dust was just nature’s way of protecting the fine-grained walnut from the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays! Spraying it with Pledge would not only remove that helpful coating, it would also put all those nasty chemicals into the air. Definitely more green to leave it dusty, I decided.

Across the living room, I spotted the drifts of dog hair that had begun to gather along the baseboards. Thick and soft, they resembled the beginnings of a plush, warm rug — and, better still, I had lots more fur collecting in corners throughout the house! Just a few more weeks of lax vacuuming and I’d be well on my way to a naturally-felted dog-wool rug to warm my bare floorboards. (Hey, if this lady can make a dog-hair sweater, why can’t I make a carpet?)

In my bedroom, I discovered three or four full baskets of clean-but-unfolded laundry crowded into my closet. Before I came up with my “green-clean” strategy, I would have sighed in frustration at all that laundry just waiting to be put away. But now I saw those layers of cotton in a new light: Insulation! By lining up my laundry baskets around the perimeter of the room, I was actually reducing my home’s energy use!

Yes, cleaning the green way is easier on the earth and a lot less demanding on my time. Try it! You’ll never go back to traditional housekeeping again!

Article © 2010 by Stacey Duck