Dog on Board

Canine adventures in kayaking.

Oscar, afloatMy husband and I have been kayaking regularly on the weekends, and it was only a matter of time before we let our pug, Oscar, in on the fun.

As we loaded the boats and gear onto our cars Sunday, Oscar prowled around to investigate. He had never gone out on the water with us, but seeing how he kept trying to leap up into our cars, we acted on impulse and decided to bring him along. (Note from the eds: Molly and her husband had, in fact, purchased a doggie life vest for just such a circumstance.) Hubby scooped the little guy up, outfitted him in his life vest, and buckled him into his travel crate in the backseat.

In case we needed to take him back home in a hurry, we decided to stick close to our neighborhood and headed to a nearby park to do some exploring on the Patuxent River. After we unloaded our equipment on the beach, we carefully set Oscar into the storage hatch on the back of Hubby’s kayak. I pushed them off, standing by in case the dog panicked or tried to jump out of the boat.

It turns out we had nothing to worry about: Our daring boy took to boating like a natural, staying firmly nestled in his spot and looking around and grinning like a doggy fool. He even fell asleep three or four times, snoring his way through the marshes.

I do believe our nautical pug will be joining us from now on.

Oscar and Hubby, on the water

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Article © 2010 by Molly E. Weeks