I’m On a Kayak

Look at her, she’s got a motherflippin’ boat!

Despite the fact that I live in a county surrounded on three sides by water, I have never been able to take full advantage of it with a boat of my own.

Thanks to this year’s tax refund, that all changed this week: My husband and I are now proud kayak owners. Now that Hubby is on a day-shift rotation, we have weekends and evenings at our disposal, plus the Patuxent River and the Chesapeake Bay within 15 minutes of our house. Last weekend, we picked out our boats — his a stately blue with a built-in storage compartment and mine a short, lightweight orange one. Since neither of our tiny cars had roof racks, we had to equip ourselves with portable racks to transport the boats. After spending a good hour in the parking lot of the boating store trying to figure out how to use them, we got some assistance and managed to safely secure the kayaks to our vehicles with an elaborate system of foam pads and straps.

The entire ride home was a white-knuckle affair for me since, y’know, I had never had a boat on top of my car. Despite the weird buzzing noise that the straps make when they vibrate in the wind, the drive home went smoothly. Hubby and I both got our boats unloaded and stored away in our shed, along with all of the gear that we accumulated during our shopping trip: Life vests, paddles, water shoes, even a life vest for our pug in case he might like to come with us on one of our excursions. (He adores wearing his vest, by the way. He’s weird like that.)

Our game plan is to get seriously into this kayaking thing and take them out every weekend. With as many different places as there are in the county to launch from, we should have no trouble finding places to go paddling.

Article © 2010 by Molly E. Weeks