Almost Famous: “Trekkies”

Insanity, warp factor 9.

Hobbies — everyone’s got at least one. Whether it’s collecting stamps, working on cars, exercising, reading poetry, playing cards, watching horror flicks, cleaning around the house, or just sitting around and watching TV. Hobbies are the fundamental activities in human existence that makes us enjoy our free time.

My hobbies include collecting comic books, playing video games, watching animé, and listening to punk/ska music. Sometimes I even enjoy a Britney Spears song or two.

People think I’m weird. Am I really? Reading old Spawn issues while bobbing my head to the tune of “Stronger” is weird? I suppose that’s uncommon, but I am definitely not weird. If you wanna see weird, check out “Trekkies.” This movie takes the word “hobby” to the extreme. And I’m talking about that hardcore Mountain Dew extreme, not that wussy extreme that people say to sound cool. I’m serious. This movie will leave you in awe.

Title: “Trekkies”

Tagline: A hilarious look at the universe’s most fervent fans.

Category: Sci-fi based documentary


Okay, this maybe a little difficult to grasp, but “Trekkies” is actually a documentary about, well … Trekkies. Weird concept, huh? But it’s true, and the film is amazing.

Trekkies poster

Did you know that the term “trekkies” is the only classification of fans defined in the Oxford English Dictionary? “Star Trek” started out as a fledgling sci-fi show in the ’70s and spawned a cult-like phenomenon.

In “Trekkies,” director Roger Nygard explores the behaviors and eccentricities of hardcore Star Trek fans. Denise Crosby, who played Lt. Tasha Yar on the “Star Trek: The Next Generation” series, hosts the documentary. She and a camera crew travel all around this nation to find the most extreme of Star Trek fans and to examine how Star Trek has affected their lives.

Major Characters:

Denise Crosby: She’s the host of the documentary. She tries hard to keep a straight face while interviewing the most bizarre trekkies in existence.

Trekkies: OH MY GOD! These people are real! The interviews with the trekkies are the most interesting, horrifying, and hilarious part of the movie. You get an in-depth look into these peoples’ lives and what it means to be a trekkie. It’s a range of people, from those who wear their Star Trek uniforms religiously to people who purchase Star Trek makeup for $1200.

These people are the definition of hardcore.

Memorable Movie Quote:

A trekkie comments on his annual Star Trek party: “We’ve been having this party for years, and it seems like every year it gets to be a little more fun. A couple more people come, and this year, we even had a girl come …”

Why You’ll Like This Movie:

  • Barbara Adams, the Star Trek-uniform wearing juror of the Whitewater trial.
  • Gabriel Koerner, a hardcore fan that has minor “quibbles” with the accuracy of his Star Trek uniforms. You may see him now on Comedy Central’s “Beat the Geeks” game show as the Star Trek geek.
  • The Bourguignon family, creators of the first Star Trek-themed dental office. The secretaries and dental assistants are required to wear Star Trek uniforms, and the office is teeming with Star Trek paraphernalia. Notice the eyes of the children of the dentist father and mother. They are dead inside.
  • Filking: science-fiction folk singing.
  • Actors and actresses of the many Star Trek series are interviewed and retell the touching moments of how they brought joy to many fans.
  • The couple that dresses up their poodle in Star Trek uniforms.
  • The Q Virus.
  • Trekkie vs. Trekker? The debate ends here!

Final Thought:

My friends and I watched this movie at a party during Christmas break. It was interesting watching this, because several of my close friends are in fact trekkies. But definitely not to the extent of the people portrayed in this movie.

It was so fascinating seeing the lives of other people who have devoted their entire reality to Star Trek. At the same time, it’s sort of depressing. You look at these people and say to yourself, “What the fuck?”

There really is no other way to put it. This movie is several things: disturbing, interesting, disgusting, and frightening. These people are real. These people exist. These people probably live right next door to you. These people are trekkies, they’re here to stay, and there’s nothing we can do about it. Prepare to set your faces on stunned.

Article © 2002 by Rob Roan