Almost Famous: “Leprechaun in the Hood”

Lep in the hood / up to do no good

You see them all the time. They sit there motionless in between the popular crowds. They bump elbows with the DeNiros, the Afflecks, and the Paltrows — yet they do not earn the same respect. You walk around in search of a Spacey and suddenly you spot one of them.

You look away for a brief moment but turn your head back, leaking with fascination. You’re intrigued by its cheaply made cover, the silly-looking font of the title, and the list of actors that make you say, “Whaaah?”

They are the staple of today’s video rental industry, yet they will never reach the royal status that is Hollywood’s mainstream. I am talking about “straight to video” movies. I’m talking about those movies that didn’t quite make it to the theaters, the ones that didn’t have that $100 million budget that seems to be the standard nowadays. These movies are the gritty, down-to-the-wire, pinch-every-penny type of cinema that begs to be watched. So why not watch them?

Movie renting has been a favorite pastime of mine, as well as most of modern American society, and we neglect the hidden treasures that sit within our local Blockbuster™. When my friends and I go out to rent a movie, I don’t rush to the ones “guaranteed to be in stock.”

I peruse the shelves in search of that one special VHS box cover that’s totally different from the rest. There’s one in particular that tickled the fancy of my peers and me. If you like cheesy horror movies, absurd dialogue, and thick beating hip-hop, this movie’s for you!

Title: Leprechaun In The Hood (a.k.a. Leprechaun 5)

Tagline: “Evil’s in the house.”

Category: Cheesy Horror/Gangsta Goodness


In Rob Spera‘s film, a struggling hip-hop group (comprised of Postmaster P, Stray Bullet, and Butch) tries to make it big in the music industry, but their skills aren’t enough to pay the bills.

In such distress, they rob a local mob leader (named Mac Daddy) of his valuables, but in doing so, they unleash the most dangerous collectible in his possession: a thousand-year-old leprechaun. The movie becomes a cat-and-mouse game where Mac Daddy and the leprechaun tear up the inner streets of L.A. in search of our three heroes and their loot. What’s a homeboy to do to get a lep’ outta da hood, yo?

Major Characters:

Postmaster P (played by A.T. Montgomery): the ring leader and lead vocals of our protagonist trio. If he were a ninja turtle, he’d be Leonardo. His name is Postmaster P because he “delivers a positive message.” He’s no gangsta-rapping sellout. He wants to stay true to his music and his homies. Will Postmaster P keep it real with positivity?

Stray Bullet (Rashaan Nall): the volatile member of the group. If he were a ninja turtle, he’d definitely be Raphael. He’s willing to do anything to be successful, even shed the “positive message” and get into gangsta rap. He believes the ends justify the means.

Butch (Red Grant): the goofy DJ know-it-all of the trio. He’s got Donatello’s brains and Michaelangelo’s comedic spirit. Plus he has a problem getting nookie. But he’s the guy that pulls all of those slick MacGuyver moves at the last minute.

Mac Daddy (Ice-T): the hardcore gangster that makes it uneasy for the three heroes. He jump-starts music careers but only with the kind of music he wants. No “pat your homeboy on the back” music here. He’s all “pow, pow, pow!”

Leprechaun (Warwick Davis): the true star of the movie and the most interesting character. He’s a dark elf of Satan, and anyone who steals his pot of gold gets ripped a new chocolate starfish. He goes around the inner streets wreaking havoc and killing anyone in the way. He also keeps the movie interesting with his absurd Irish rhymes.

Memorable Movie Quote:

“Jesus loves me, this I know — and if he don’t, I’ll find a ho!”

Why You’ll Like This Movie:

  • Postmaster P’s Grandma. She knows how to keep it real!
  • Chow, the kooky market clerk.
  • Stereotyped gangster dialogue.
  • Cheesy plot.
  • Even cheesier death scenes.
  • Special cameo appearance by an out-of-work rapper.
  • Zombie Fly Girls Gone Wild!!!
  • Two words: Rapping leprechaun.

Final Thought:

My friends and I rented this movie a couple summers ago. As we walked through the aisles of Blockbuster™, we came upon this insanely funny cover of a leprechaun’s green-lit face peered over by Ice-T sitting on a king’s throne.

We were dumbfounded by the idea of there being a fifth Leprechaun movie, but what was even more amazing was that it took place in the ghetto. Two words were said: “Giddy up!” And off we went to watch this lovely piece of cinematic brilliance.

I remember watching the screen and watching the faces of my friends as we gasped at the ridiculousness of the many situations in the movie. Throughout the movie we all kept screaming, “Oh my God! They actually thought of a movie involving hip-hop and leprechauns! These people are geniuses!”

It was a magical summer that changed us all.

Article © 2002 by Rob Roan