Crisis in Haiti

Doing what little we can in response to a catastrophe.

Since Tuesday’s 7.0-magnitude earthquake, the stories and images coming out of Haiti have been overwhelming. Authorities are estimating as many as 200,000 people have died in the catastrophe, which is an almost unimaginable number — it’s the size of the population of Richmond, VA, or Spokane, WA. What’s worse, this is happening in a nation where millions of people have suffered decades (really centuries) of starvation and poverty.

The scale of the devastation makes it impossible to ignore — but we here at Crunchable are struggling to come up with a response that wouldn’t merely seem to trivialize the tragedy.

So, we’re doing what we can. First, we can offer suggestions of how you can help. Doctors Without Borders has been on the front lines in Haiti since well before the earthquake hit; they, UNICEF, and the American Red Cross need all the financial support they can get.

Second, we can collect your stories. We’re looking for people who have some connection with or firsthand knowledge of Haiti — maybe you’re from Haiti, or have a relative there, or you’ve visited the country or lived there yourself. Please tell us your stories in the comments on this page or in an e-mail to or in a posting on our Facebook page.

It may seem to pale in comparison to the power of earthquakes and crushing poverty, but stories have power, too. Please help us harness it.

Article © 2010 by Michael Duck