Notable: Please help us redesign Crunchable!

We urgently need submissions for our redesign contest.

Interest has been low in our Redesign Crunchable Your Way contest, and we’re still in pretty desperate need of submissions. How desperate? you ask? Desperate enough that I’m seriously considering arming my toddler and preschooler with crayons and asking them to redesign the site.

So we’ve extended the contest deadlines. Also, keep in mind that the contest is open to anyone, not just Web designers. In addition to non-functional mockups that you might create using Photoshop, Illustrator or similar software, we’re also accepting hand-drawn sketches. Anything you can draw, we’ll accept.

Even if you would need another week or two to get your design together, please send us a note at right away letting us know you’re interested.

Article © 2009 by Michael Duck